Saturday, October 21, 2017

Here are the endorsed Republican candidates for the 2016 election cycle. The following would serve Legislative Districts entirely or partially within the 6th Congressional District or Statewide offices.

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More information on Candidates and Candidates for other districts may be found by clicking here.

Note: There are no Statewide offices up for election in 2016. 

  Candidate Links  
 President  Donald Trump Facebook - Web - Twitter  Open (D)
  Candidate Links  
 US House  Tom Emmer Facebook - Web - Twitter  Incumbent
MN Senate  Candidate  Links  
 13  Michelle Fischbach Web  Incumbent
 14  Jerry Relph Facebook - Web  Open (R)
15  Andrew Matthews Facebook - Web  Open (R)
18  Scott Newman    Incumbent
29  Bruce Anderson    Incumbent
30  Mary Kiffmeyer Web  Incumbent
31  Michelle Benson Facebook  Incumbent
35  Jim Abeler Web  Incumbent
37  Brad Sanford Facebook - Web  (D)
 38  Roger Chamberlain Web  Incumbent
 39  Karin Housley Facebook - Web  Incumbent
 47  Scott Jensen Facebook - Web  Open (R)
MN House
Candidate Website  
13 A Jeff Howe Web  Incumbent
13 B Tim O'Driscoll Facebook - Web  Incumbent
14 A Tama Theis Twitter  Incumbent
14 B Jim Knoblach Web  Incumbent
15 A Sondra Erickson Web  Incumbent
15 B Jim Newberger Web  Incumbent
18 A Dean Urdahl    Incumbent
29 A Joe McDonald Web  Incumbent
29 B Marion O'Neill Web  Incumbent
30 A Nick Zerwas Facebook - Web  Incumbent
30 B Eric Lucero Web  Incumbent
31 A Kurt Daudt Facebook - Web  Incumbent
31 B Cal Bahr Facebook - Web  Open (R)
35 A Abigail Whelan Facebook - Web - Twitter  Incumbent
35 B Peggy Scott Web  Incumbent
37 A Anthony Wilder Web  (D)
37 B Nolan West Facebook - Web  Open (R)
38 A Linda Runbeck Web  Incumbent
38 B Matt Dean Web  Incumbent
39 A Bob Detmer Web  Incumbent
39 B Kathy Lohmer Web  Incumbent
47 A Jim Nash
Facebook - Web - Twitter  Incumbent


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